Pulp Fiction 21 years Later

The second feature film from Quentin Tarantino “Pulp Fiction” this movie is the example of the best case scenario of what happens when one is self educated and driven. 

Tarantino did not attend film school nor college he was a struggling actor, who worked at a video rental store just trying to make something happen.

He has said that he developed his technique of non-linear story lines from those days at the video rental store because he would have to rewind returned videos from whatever point they were returned at. 
This movie is a prime example of that development staring in the middle, ending halfway through to begin again in the end. You really have to watch this film multiple times in order to get a good grasp of what actually happen. 
This film is one of the greatest ever made and it’s way of production is one that is celebrated at Y.O.U. Multi Media, all starting with self education Quentin Tarantino gained support & showed unconditional love in many ways through this film, 
So here’s a happy birthday to the best original screenplay of 1994, and I have one question for you.
Does Marcellus Wallace look like a bitch 


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