A Message to Musicians

Music is the universal language of the Galaxy, if you create music you are a messenger in that language. The words you say will forever vibrate through the world of sound. Know that the universe has chosen you to spread ideas and thoughts through instrument art with your mind being the interface between the physical world and the spiritual. 

Don’t worry about the music your making as long as you are creating sound that sounds good to you and your putting in the time to create something you can be proud of after that you should have no worries other than what your going to eat after all that grinding. 

So to close up in Y.O.U. Style continue to self educate yourself about the music that makes you feel good watch interviews, read articles, do whatever it is necessary to figure what music means to you and who you are in that, then you will have purpose on your journey. Find support for who you are and what your doing and spread love unconditional however you can. 

These words are simple and vague but that is all you need sometime to get stared. So with the most love and greatest vibrations I wish All Musical Messengers and all people in general an incredible day or night depending on where you are. 

Life is Y.O.U.(Your Own Understanding)   

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